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Rays of Sunshine
Another request! Funny how quickly these go when you don't have midterms to study for lol :P also when you have a gorgeous Grecian character to be inspired by, namely the beautiful Ariyaunna, who belongs ArpeggiosMelody :heart: when I read in the description that she's a cleric of Apollo and does magic/healing sort of stuff, for some reason I automatically had this really strong mental image of her with this magic lyre that does spells to help people, idk if that's even a possible thing in the DnD universe but you said be creative so hopefully that's okay! *crosses fingers*
Hope you enjoy! I sure had fun drawing it :D

(lol I just noticed apparently I'm really feeling the sun-themed characters, my last request involved lots of sunlight too :sun:
that'll probably change though, I'm feeling quite Halloween-y currently :pumpkin:)
anyone want to calculate the probability that I just did extra bad on my stats midterm??
(hint: it's very high)

but in better news, midterms week is over and I finally have actual time to draw wooooo
Rising Sun
Another request! This one is for StefBani of the lovely sun goddess Tesni :heart: painted during a downpour, so irony ??? lol
Request for anniecoleptic of her merman Antaeus, the first of my many requests! So I know you said he's usually in human form, but I saw all the cool iridescent scales and stuff in that one ref you had and I guess you could say I was hooked (I feel so terrible for making that pun lol I'm so sorry) 
Enjoy! :D
Hi all! Soooo guess who's back at the requests and hyped to do some more free art for all you lovely people?
Correct answer: ME Heart

Some general things:

-I'm open to drawing lots of stuff, but heavily favor humans. This can be fanarts or oc's or whatever else there even is, basically I just have to like their design. Things I tend to like are action shots, complex/detailed designs, and that sort of stuff, but feel free to hit me up with any and all ideas! 

-Please give refs! I do love hearing descriptions of characters (in fact I'd encourage you to give lots of info, it makes imagining them easier) but please don't give only description. 

-I will choose which ones to do based on how much they inspire me, it's not first-come-first-serve. I probably won't be able to do one for everybody who asks, since usually when I open these I get like 50-100 requests, and I'm an engineering student with very little free time :( (Sad) Please don't be offended if I don't pick yours! Also along those lines, they might be a little slow, just bear with me haha 

-These will probably range anywhere from sketches to colored drawings, headshot to fullbody, depending on how carried away I get by your idea (it seems that whenever I do these, I end up getting really carried away with all of them haha whoops) 

-I'll post on here to let you know if I've chosen yours, or with any questions or anything

-Please nothing overly sexual. You can ask, but the answer will most likely be no. Sorry!

Examples of my style (some of these are past requests for people :D (Big Grin)): 
Shady by wawa711       Genie in a Mirror by wawa711    Would you like to know your fortune? by wawa711    Suki by wawa711
Flight by wawa711  Zuko by wawa711

I think that's all! Let the drawing begin! 
:D (Big Grin)


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Just your regular college student who happens to adore drawing.
Sooooo, some of you may remember that I like to do requests, and that a while back I had a few forum posts about them. And then school and work showed up as usual and I only ended up doing a few of the billion or so that I got. Now, I want to do some requests, but I'd feel bad opening them up again without first doing ones I've already gotten, so I decided to choose 5 of my favorites from my old post and get those done before opening them up again. And since it's been a while, I'm here to let y'all know in case you forgot you even made a request (lol). If I picked you but you don't want it anymore/want to get a different character instead, let me know! And if you do still want it, I'd appreciate a comment on this journal so I know I'm A-okay to draw for ya :D

My 5, in order they'll be done:
1. Lulie, for Ebonwind2000
2. the twins Anurabis and Setesh, for GazeRei
3. Alta Narangerel, for BrimstoneGarden
4. Vanyalanthiriel, for sweetbream
5. Sylvia, for Infamous-Storm

Also, I wanted to do Victus for Sanmedare and Rudy for AzuelZorro102, but since I've already drawn for them, I figured it wouldn't quite be fair to put them in front of others who haven't yet had a chance, so I'll most likely just add them on as 6 and 7 haha so much for limiting my numbers

Hope to get these to you guys as quick as I can! :heart::heart::heart:


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But if you want to continue talking sometimes just send me a note I'll explain :D
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Yeah, giving out personal info's not good :( Maybe you can make a different account or something? idk, sorry!
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No idea, I'll note you my email so we can talk still
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You have such a beautiful gallery :heart: I love how all your drawings has such warm feelings but still can look serious and amazing :3 Keep up amazing job :3
wawa711 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017  Hobbyist
Ahh thank you! :la: :heart:
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Wow!!!! Your art style is absolutely positively AMAZING!!! Everything is so well done and beautiful you are so incredibly talented :happybounce: 
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Thank you so much! :D
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